15 Cute Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

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Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Women

The dreadlock hairstyle has its origin in Jamaica. Interestingly, the wearing of dreadlocks was a means of survival and opposition to mainstream culture. The wearing of locks is associated with the Rastafarian culture and has recently become the most significant symbol of their culture. The movement spoke to black pride and black upliftment.

Individual sections of the hair are allowed to knot and grow in small bundles. Initially people saw dreads as a style that can be worn only by African Americans women and men; however more and more women and men from other cultures have started to wear this style. Contemporary society has taken the wearing of dreadlock and has made it trendy and unique.

Most people are also of the notion that the dreadlock style is limited to simply letting your dread hang free. The idea is erroneous. Locks are more flexible than most people think and can be worn in multiple styles. I have seen many women interlock their hair and are still able to style updos and even add braid. More and more African American women are choosing to wear their hair in its natural texture. Dreadlocks are an awesome alternative. Here is what you need to know about dreadlocks.

African hair grows best when locked

Many scientist and people around the world believe that black hair texture thrives when allowed to grow in locks. The reason is simple. Our natural hair texture will break easily at the end when combed through. Honestly, this is true for most people.

Care and products

Dirty hair normally looks dull and unattractive. Dreads are no different. Ensure you try to clean your hair as much as needed. I find that natural product work perfectly with dreadlocks. It may be important to steam and treat hair with olive oil and avocado. Here is how to treat and steam.

  1. After shampooing hair; add olive and avocado mixture
  2. Cover with stem cap and wrap with a warm towel for 45 minutes
  3. Condition and rinse


If you are just starting your locks it may be wise to allow hair to lock on smaller portion. Visit your stylist to neaten individual locks or do it yourself with interlocking equipment.

Women with shorter lock can try to style hair into simple braided updos . Women with longer locks can try chignons and other bun updos. See Article on chignons to style updos. I have even seen women cut bangs with their locks and cut lovely bobs. Therefore, you can be creative.

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